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The art world was on pause during the pandemic but today is making record-breaking auction sales of approximately $6.5 billion. The 201 percent rise led to an increase in contemporary art sales among young artists. New York City was able to bounce back from its losses, while Hong Kong and the Asian market were able to capture $142 million. 

In this article is a list of some of the most promising young artists in 2022. These individuals have already established their careers and are capable of tackling various mediums such as porcelain, textiles, and figurative art.

Brooke Hsu

Taiwanese-American artist Brooke Hsu explored various mediums and scales during her career. Her work exhibited at the Edouard Malingue Gallery featured vibrant green and phosphorescent designs. Her upcoming solo exhibition focuses on capturing pre-Christian mythology’s reflective moments.

Demetri Broxton

At Art Basel Miami Beach, Broxton exhibited his mixed-media boxing gloves, which were made using techniques from the Yoruba people and New Orleans’s Mardi Gras Indians. The work was inspired by hip hop and the text found in his paintings. Due to the overwhelming demand for his upcoming exhibition, which was scheduled to take place in San Francisco in May 2022, his show has been pushed back.

Elizabeth Englander

Since she was 33, Massachusetts-based sculptor Lisa DiDomenico has gained recognition for her work, which often focuses on the hidden meanings found in everyday objects. Her upcoming solo exhibition, which will take place at the Theta Gallery in New York, will feature her latest works.

Derek Weisberg

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Derek Weisberg gained a positive spotlight during Art Week in New York City. His work was exhibited at the Galerie Lefebvre et Fils and the New York gallery, Trotter & Sholer. With over 90 shows under his belt, Weisberg is constantly expanding his scope of work. His figurative sculptures are known for their robust and distinctive constructions.

Tafy LaPlanche

New York-based Afro-Latina artist LaPlanche discovered her passion for portraits when she was 13. She started by drawing people who passed by her room while she was in the hospital for diabetes. Since then, she has been able to explore bold and vibrant backgrounds in her work. She also explores the beauty of African-American women through her paintings.