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Gianmatteo Costanza


Gianmatteo Costanza

It may seem counterintuitive to call Gianmatteo Costanza an artist, given his many years of expertise within the IT industry. But to him, software creation is a form of art. Gianmatteo believes that products developed with the user in mind can profoundly impact people’s lives. As a tech expert who has worked on teams from small to large and has knowledge of front- and back-end development, team management, financing, and design, Gianmatteo enjoys being part of something that creates inspiring solutions and improves the quality of life.

About Gianmatteo Costanza

As a full-stack developer, Gianmatteo possesses a unique combination of hard and soft skills, which is mandatory to excel at his work. He seamlessly bridges gaps and brings together multiple departments in order to form a cohesive team. Gianmatteo has built up a stellar reputation for acting as a liaison between users and developers, something that is vital to any software life cycle. His time management skills as a leader ensure that projects stay on budget and within timelines. Gianmatteo has the ability to zoom out and see the big picture while also treating UX UI stages as valuable as the code it sits on. Along with the creative vision necessary to be as successful as Gianmatteo Costanza has been throughout his career comes patience and understanding with his team, coworkers, and clients. 

The Laundry is a communal workplace where artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs may collaborate on projects, exploratory art, and community activities that improve society as a whole. It is located in a historic industrial laundry building in San Francisco’s Mission area. He and his partner viewed this location, established by French immigrants in the 1930s, as an opportunity to form an exceptional environment for artists to produce and share their work. Ultimately, Gianmatteo’s vision for the space was that The Laundry would be a flexible art venue for individuals looking to express themselves and transform the world in their own unique forms of expression.  Above all, Gianmatteo Costanza sought to preserve the old building’s legacy and distinctive design while investing in modernization to bring it up to code. Individuals have access to a café with a coffeehouse and an art gallery that is open to the public during the day. At night, the space transforms into a location for seminars, lectures, immersive theater, and events that merge technology and art.

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