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Modern art has come a long way since the cave paintings of the first century. Today, artists can use various art forms to represent their thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

The rise of digital art has led to the belief that it is a more accessible form of art than traditional forms. However, some traditionalists and skeptics believe this new art form is inferior. Despite this, digital art is still considered the most popular commercial art medium.

Digital Art Defined

The term digital art refers to the creation of art using various tools and techniques, such as computers and digital codes. All art forms aim to capture the artist’s message, ideas, and emotions. For instance, digital paintings are a type of art that allows artists to express their feelings. There are additionally multiple subcategories of digital art, such as animations and photographs.

Traditional Art Explained

The various forms of art commonly considered traditional, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and theatre can be recreated with the help of digital technology. 

Although digital art is commonly used to create art, traditional forms are still made using various traditional media such as clay, pencils, and oil. This type of art has been around for centuries before digital media was invented.

The Difference

One of the most significant differences between digital art and traditional forms is the ability to reproduce multiple works of art. This ability to easily create various copies has led to some people believing that digital art is inferior. However, this doesn’t mean that the creative quality of digital art is inferior. Rarity has always impacted the value of works of art, and if they can be reproduced or sold multiple times, the price of these works naturally decreases.

Which Art Form is Better?

The goal of art is to capture the essence of the artist’s vision and emotions, and everything else that’s used in the creation of art comes second. Although there are pros and cons to both digital and traditional forms, the creative quality of both mediums can still be considered the same.


Despite the increasing popularity of digital art, traditional forms will still exist. It was initially feared that photography would replace traditional art forms, such as drawing and painting. Art history has shown that the mediums will still exist and that the older ones are still appreciated.