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Many artists dream of having their own art studio, and who can blame them? A home art studio is an elegant way to make room for your art without renting additional space. It’s incredible what we can create in the heart of our own homes. 

When it comes to designing an art studio, the potential is limitless. It’s up to the artist to find what fits their style and space. However, there are a few tried and true tricks to follow for those feeling a bit lost. Here are some tips on creating your own art studio at home.

Choosing a Space

First, one must decide what space will eventually become the art studio. It can be difficult to squeeze out additional space within a home, but it is possible for creative and determined people. Consider taking up a corner of a dining room or the spare guest room. Other alternatives include converting a closet, garage, shed, or basement.

Key Components

Next, it is time to address the key components of any art studio. While different mediums will call for various tools, in general, any studio will need an art table. Be sure to put extra thought into the table, ensuring that it suits your needs and is sturdy. Ideally, this piece should last you years, so take your time choosing.

As for the rest of the essentials you might need, now would be a good time to compile a list. Assuming you don’t already have everything you need, that is. What supplies are essential for creating your artwork? Assemble them to ensure that they all make it into your new studio.

Hide Clutter

Art studios tend to be full of supplies – nothing wrong with that. However, it can make them look more chaotic and crowded than they are. Don’t be afraid to consider storage options that help hide the clutter. Utilize curtains to hide supplies or repurpose an old piece of furniture to store everything. As with the design of the room, the storage possibilities are endless. 

Part of hiding art clutter is staying organized. Ensure every supply and tool has a proper home when designing your art studio. This will help when it comes time to clean up, as you’ll know where everything goes.

Set a Budget

Shopping for art supplies can be fun – perhaps too much fun. Before you go shopping for studio decor and supplies, set a budget. This will help keep things within an affordable range while still giving you the space of your dreams.